Allereye is a POC device that offers healthcare providers a cost effective, reliable, easy to use solution for diagnosis of Allergic Conjunctivitis (AC). It’s also more comfortable and convenient for patients.

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The reagent-ready test strip format is easy to use and integrate into most clinics. Simply collect a small tear sample directly onto the test strip, place it in the Allereye Development Solution™ and ten minutes later the results are ready (Figure 1).

Each test strip also contains a control line to indicate it is performing correctly. The limited amount of materials also means less risk of handling errors, requires very little space to perform and produces minimal waste.

Receive an objective analysis in just 10 minutes.

  • Collect only a tear drop from the inferior conjunctival fornix (Figure 2). The test strip will indicate when sufficient sample has been collected.
  • Allereye’s sensitivity is more than 92 percent and its specificity more than 98 percent compared to the gold-standard serum IgE testing.
  • Patients can be diagnosed quickly and easily minimizing time missed from work, school and life.
  • Allereye is reimbursable by most major insurance carriers. Eye-swab tests, serum tests and skin tests cost up to ten times more than Allereye.
Allereye Figure One Test-Strip Zoom