Symphony™ Biomarker Detection Platform


Bluejay Diagnostics is pleased to present the Symphony biomarker detection platform. The system aims to help improve healthcare outcomes by detecting and preventing cytokine-driven health scares early on.

Symphony is an innovative implementation of the traditionally reliable ELISA methodology combined with modern advances in nanotechnology. The unique design features a combination of microfluidics and interrupted fluid dynamics to offer a fast, simple, safe, and highly sensitive biomarker detection platform.

Features and Benefits

  • No preprocessing makes this platform easy to use and easily integrated with current workflows.
  • Simultaneous detection of up to six samples, including the same biomarker in different samples or different biomarkers in a single sample.
  • Allows physicians to take immediate actions in case of emergency, trauma, sepsis, organ failures due to chemo-and radio therapy and other life-threatening diseases that wasn’t possible before.
  • Results in 20 minutes or less enables more rapid point-of-care testing.
  • Requires only 150 μl of whole blood.
  • Sensitivity: 1.6 pg/ml (Comparison to ELISA sensitivity: 0.6 pg/ml less sensitive than ELISA)
  • Unit of measurement: Quantitative in pg/ml
  • Compact, lightweight instrument easily fits into existing workspace

How it works

Know more about how IL6 point of care testing works for Covid - 19, Cancer, Sepsis patients.

Bluejay Diagnostics is leveraging its proprietary technology platform to develop innovative point-of-care tests. It is our mission to use this fast, reliable and cost-effective platform to provide patients and providers access to affordable and timely healthcare. The following chart summarizes the projects in which the company is currently engaged.

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