Allereye® Tear Total IgE Test

Allereye, which is FDA-Cleared, CE Marked and Authorized in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a POC device that offers healthcare providers a cost effective, reliable, easy to use solution for diagnosis of Ocular Allergies and Allergic Conjunctivitis (AC). It’s also more comfortable and convenient for patients.

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The reagent-ready test strip format is easy to use and integrate into most clinics. Simply collect a small tear sample directly onto the test strip, place it in the Allereye Developing Solution and ten minutes later the results are ready (Figure 1).

Each test strip also contains a control line to indicate it is performing correctly. The limited amount of materials also means less risk of handling errors, requires very little space to perform and produces minimal waste.

Receive an objective analysis in just 10 minutes.

  • Collect only a tear drop from the inferior conjunctival fornix (Figure 2). The test strip will indicate when sufficient sample has been collected.
  • Allereye’s sensitivity is more than 92 percent and its specificity more than 98 percent compared to the gold-standard serum IgE testing.
  • Patients can be diagnosed quickly and easily minimizing time missed from work, school and life.
  • Allereye is reimbursable by most major insurance carriers. Eye-swab tests, serum tests and skin tests cost up to ten times more than Allereye.

Allereye is CE Marked and Authorized in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but is not yet available for sale in the United States.

Allereye Figure One Test-Strip Zoom


HIV Screening and Confirmatory Assays

Worldwide more than 36.9 million individuals are living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and one in four are unaware of their status. Infected individuals develop antibodies to the p24 antigen, which is a common prerequisite for this disease. Currently two forms of specimen are used to determine the presence of this retrovirus: blood and saliva.

Bluejay’s HIV tests, which use urine as a biospecimen, are not only effective, but safer and more convenient for patients and medical professionals.

There are several safety advantages to using urine. HIV is unlikely to be present in urine, and urine collection is non-invasive, does not require a technician, and is more likely to realize patient compliance. The use of urine also eliminates the risk of accidental needlestick exposure during the collection of specimens.

Bluejay Diagnostics is pleased to offer such safe, accessible urine-based HIV-1 assays – the Maxim HIV-1 Urine EIA Kit for HIV-1 screening and the Cambridge Biotech HIV-1 Western Blot Kit for HIV-1 confirmation.

  • The urine sample format decreases the risk of virus exposure for medical professionals.
  • A single urine sample is used for both screening and confirmatory tests making the process more convenient and less invasive for patients.
  • The urine sample format makes the collection process easier and increases compliance rates.
  • The system does not require capital investment making it easier and quicker to get started with HIV testing, freeing cash flow for other investments.
  • Cost-effective testing expands laboratory testing menus while adding a new revenue channel.

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Maxim HIV-1 Urine EIA Kit

The FDA Approved Maxim HIV-1 Urine EIA Kit uses an enzyme immunoassay for the in vitro detection of antibodies to Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1) in urine. The test utilizes a recombinant envelope protein of HIV-1 to detect the presence of antibodies to HIV-1 in human urine.

Before a determination of HIV-1 status can be made, specimens that are repeatedly reactive using this test should be further tested only using the additional, more specific, Cambridge Biotech HIV-1 Urine Western Blot Kit. The test is intended for use in professional laboratory settings as an aid in clinical diagnosis of HIV infection.

Cambridge Biotech HIV-1 Urine Western Blot Kit

The FDA Approved Cambridge Biotech HIV-1 Urine Western Blot Kit is an in vitro qualitative assay for the detection and identification of antibodies to Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1) in urine specimens.

This specific assay is used as a supplemental test with urine specimens that tested repeatedly reactive using a screening procedure such as the Maxim HIV-1 Urine EIA Kit. The test is intended for use in professional laboratory settings as an aid in clinical diagnosis of HIV infection.

Symphony™ Biomarker Detection Platform


Bluejay is pleased to present the point-of-care Symphony™ biomarker detection platform.  Symphony uses micro-level amounts of liquid biopsies and a proprietary cartridge / reader format to detect relevant biomarkers such as IL-6 and IL-8 earlier than ever before at the point of care.  The early identification of these important biomarkers can help improve healthcare outcomes by facilitating appropriate and timely treatments.

Symphony is an innovative implementation of the traditionally reliable ELISA methodology combined with modern advances in nanotechnology and microfluidics.  The unique design features a combination of nanoparticles and interrupted fluid dynamics to offer a fast, simple, safe, and highly sensitive biomarker detection platform.

  • No preprocessing makes this platform easy to use and easily integrated with current workflows.
  • Simultaneous detection of up to six samples, including the same biomarker in different samples or different biomarkers in a single sample.
  • Allows physicians to take immediate actions in case of emergency, trauma, sepsis, organ failures due to chemo-and radio therapy and other life-threatening diseases that wasn’t possible before.
  • Results in 20 minutes or less enables more rapid point-of-care testing.
  • Requires only 150 μl of whole blood.
  • Sensitivity: 1.6 pg/ml.
  • Unit of measurement: Quantitative in pg/ml.
  • Compact, lightweight instrument easily fits into existing workspace.

Download the Symphony Brochure

Download the Symphony for Sepsis Brochure

Figure 1 - Symphony IL-6 and IL-8 Cartridges

Figure 2 - Symphony Instrument