Symphony, a diagnostic detection platform based on intermitted centrifugation and precision microchannel technology, is designed to perform complex clinical laboratory tests with unprecedented simplicity. It excludes the need for additional reagents or blood pre-processing. Only three drops of blood are required to obtain test results in parts per billion (pg/mL) in approximately 20 minutes. As the single-use Symphony Cartridges contain the reagents and process the blood sample, this eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming clean-up as well as maintenance.

At the heart of Symphony are highly specific antibodies that capture only one region (epitope) of the captured biomolecule. This is then used to facilitate a fluorescence enzyme immunoassay (FEIA) for highly sensitive and specific results. The flexibility of the antibody technology enables rapid inclusion of new biomarker detection in the Symphony Cartridge library and improves clinical decision-making.

Symphony is a fraction of the size of current clinical chemistry analyzers; this not just simplifies the infrastructure but also enables testing in locations previously not feasible.



All reagents are integrated into the disposable cartridge.

Step-by-step reagent control

Reagents are automatically supplied to the ELISA reaction chamber stepwise at the right time.

Whole blood processing

Blood cells are separated from plasma, and the precise amount of plasma is measured for use in ELISA reaction.

Micro-chamber ELISA reaction

The micro-beads filling chamber ELISA system increases the efficiency of reaction.

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